One on One Parent Coaching

Are you looking to get started right away? Do you need help to bring peace to your home now? We have solutions for you. We can guide you right away.  One on One parent coaching can begin within 48 hours of you reaching out to us.  Kim will work with you to pinpoint just exactly how to get you thriving again as a parent and a family.IMG_0098

Group work is not for everyone, and sometimes doesn’t fit into everyone’s schedule.

This is for those desiring more in depth support to focus on specific issues, and also requires homework and practical activities.   These programs offers a much more personalized approach. They are designed for your family’s individual needs and to move forward at a pace that works for your family goals.  For more information or to schedule a consultation, please email us and include “One on One” in the title, at

Have a look at our updated One on One Parenting Support Programs

~1. Parent Support Snapshot:  $250.00

This is a 2 hour check in session, either on the phone, via video chat (Face-time, Google Hangout or Skype), or in person. You can ask questions, describe scenarios, list concerns – essentially you lead for the first 40 minutes of the session. The remaining 80 minutes is solutions, ideas, brainstorming and tools. You will receive a follow up summary and a list of resources and articles to start your parenting toolbox. You will want to have a pen and paper handy, an open mind and heart and your sense of humour with you.

Please email to set up your free 30 minute phone consultation.


~2. Let’s keep this bus on the road! : $465.00

This is a 4 week package that includes 4 weekly one hour sessions, each followed by a detailed email summary, weekly homework, one email exchange between sessions, and a parenting toolbox to carry forward.  Typically, we will focus on one main issue (routines, or communication for example) and work through it for the 4 weeks. You will feel more confident in your parenting and ready to move forward.

Please email to set up your free 30 minute phone consultation.


~3. Whoa! Who’s driving that bus? : $925.00

This is a 8 week all inclusive parenting support package. When the chickens are driving the bus, this is where we come in, and help you take back the steering wheel. We will tackle this in a three step process:  1) 2 hour consult and follow up summary where we will identify 3 big issues, decide on the desired direction for each issue, and create 8 week goals for each one. 2) weeks #2-6 will be weekly 1 hour check ins (either online video consult, on the phone or in person), review the previous week’s activity and homework, and set homework for the following week, keeping in mind the end goals, and up to one email question/concern/celebration per day. 3) One hour wrap up celebration session, including goals for moving forward, a parenting toolbox, and a written summary of our journey together.

Please email to set up your free 30 minute phone consultation.