From Surviving to Thriving

From Surviving to Thriving with Small Humans: Creating Family Balance

Are you ready for Balance ? Ready for a solution? We are ready for you!
Make feeling good about parenting part of your New Year’s resolution for 2017. Our first course of the New Year starts January 30th! Don’t miss it!
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This course is designed to help you leave the worry and stress behind and be the parent you know you can be. It is about learning to trust that you are already your child’s best parent, and building on that. Our children want to see us as their guide and leader, and their safe place to fall.  When we are comfortable in ourselves and trust ourselves, things begin to line up in a positive way and we can create a vision of what we want for our families, and ourselves as a parent and an individual.

-Bed time struggles
-Dealing with constant “No!”
-Picky Eaters
-Three year old dictators
-Tantrums from Toddler to Teen

exhaustedcrying child

These are just a few of the issues Kim will help you manage and solve.   Years of working with Parents, Kim takes apart the problem and helps you tackle it and then she goes on to create understanding and direction of how to move beyond it.

Start seeing results from the first week, and reap the benefits of a more balanced household:

-Peaceful bedtimes
-Less “No” more understanding
-Happy Family Meals
-Release of Power struggles
-Less Tantrums; More Talking
Our next course begins October 19th.

It’s time to join us.


As with any form of learning, it is what you put into it of yourself that will dictate what you take away from our courses.  The aim of all our programs is to help you to grow into the best parent you want to be.