Thriving as a Parent, is not just a dream, or a Fantasy.  Thriving is a real possibility, and can be a whole new way of life for you and your small humans.  Are you living with:

  • Crazy bedtimes that seem to last for hours
  • Never ending Whining
  • Grocery store meltdowns
  • Embarrassing behaviours at family gatherings
  • Backtalk
  • Entitlement

We have solutions for you.

“Once I understood that my child’s behaviour was not a reflection of me, but rather their own expression of frustration, I was able to approach thing calmly and with love.” Ally, mother of two.

We’ll help you go from Surviving to Thriving by showing you how to manage meltdowns, create routines, and bring out the best parent in you.


Unlike many other parenting courses, our online courses are LIVE.  Kim is there to work with you in each session, ready to get you through your struggles.

One of the key benefits of our group courses is that you also get to learn from others and share your own “A-ha” moments. Supporting others can help you to move forward in your own parenting journey.

One of the keys to thriving in Parenthood is knowing you are not alone.

From Surviving to Thriving with Small Humans

Courses for Early Childhood Educators


Our One on One coaching has one purpose: to get you to success. You’ve tried everything and still there’s chaos.  We are here for you NOW. Let’s get you started on the road to peace in your home.

One on One Coaching