From Surviving to Thriving with Small Humans

Thriving as a Parent, is not just a dream, or a Fantasy. Thriving is a real possibility, and can be a whole new way of life for you and your small humans.

This course is designed to help you leave the worry and stress behind and be the parent you know you can be. It is about learning to trust that you are already your child’s best parent, and building on that. Our children want to see us as their guide and leader, and their safe place to fall. When we are comfortable in ourselves and trust ourselves, things begin to line up in a positive way and we can create a vision of what we want for our families, and ourselves as a parent and an individual. -Bed time struggles -Dealing with constant “No!” -Picky Eaters -Three year old dictators -Tantrums from Toddler to Teen

A degree in Early Childhood Education and Child Studies was only the beginning for Kim. 27 years of working with children under the age of 6, and their parents, partnered with years of personal development, and most of all being a parent (truly the best and most challenging job to date), Kim is a Master at helping parents understand their children and their child’s point of view, the root of Thriving with Small Humans. “I don’t know where we’d be right now, if we hadn’t come to you when we did.” Tanya, mother of one. “I’d probably still be up at night wondering if we were doing the right thing.”

Kim is passionate about parents feeling great in their own skin and teaching them to see their child’s challenging behaviours as separate and distinct, rather than a reflection of themselves. She also recognizes that in the hurried pace of life, keeping it all balanced can be a challenge in itself.

Start seeing results from the first week, and reap the benefits of a more balanced household: -Peaceful bedtimes -Less “No” more understanding -Happy Family Meals -Release of Power struggles -Less Tantrums; More Talking

“Once I understood that my child’s behaviour was not a reflection of me, but rather their own expression of frustration, I was able to approach thing calmly and with love.” Ally, mother of two.