Eat What You Own: Raw Apple Spelt Muffins

Eat What You Own: Raw Apple Spelt Muffins

“Eat what you own” started in our house, well, about 16 years ago.  When you live in a world where you income drops significantly for a period of time, this mantra comes in handy.  It also becomes a great tool for reducing kitchen waste. My husband is a teacher, so come July, we are onto our Savings for paying bills and whatnot through the summer.  That is when the skills I learned from dear old Dad, kick in and we go into “Eat what you own” mode.

This week, with the kids gone to Grampa and Gramma’s, and it being just the two of us, we have been using this to try and use up food already in the fridge/freezer/cupboard. Normally, when we are out of blueberries (frozen or fresh), I just head out and buy more.  After all, blueberries are a super food, just makes sense that they should be a staple in our kitchen, right? Except that that $5.99 container of blueberries ends of costing $40 by the time I leave the grocery store. And if I send my husband, while slightly cheaper, it means $10 worth of junk food, we didn’t need.

So this morning, while trying to use up two containers of Greek yogurt and sprouted spelt flour, I opted not to run out and buy blueberries, but rather poked around for something else to put in the muffins. I have been craving coffee cake, so I visited my Martha Stewart baking book before heading to my go-to muffin recipe.  Maybe she’d inspire me. Next stop, The Yellow Farmhouse Kitchen.  Nobody had what I was looking for.  But! Yellow Farmhouse Kitchen had a recipe for Raw Apple Muffins.  Hmmmm.  Martha had a recipe for coffee cake, with quantities that matched up with my go-to Muffin recipe (adapted 14 years ago from the Joy of Cooking). Yellow Farmhouse recipe called for 4 cups of chopped apples, and was described as basically apples held together with a bit of flour. Not really what I was hoping for.  So, instead I played with my own muffin recipe and came up with this:

Raw Apple Spelt Muffins

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