About Kim Cameron

A degree in Early Childhood Education and Child Studies was only the beginning. 27 years of working with children under the age of 6, and their parents, partnered with years of personal development, and most of all being a parent (truly the best and most challenging job to date), Kim is a Master at  helping parents understand their children and their child’s point of view, the root of Thriving with Small Humans.

Kim is passionate about parents feeling great in their own skin and teaching them to see their child’s challenging behaviours as separate and distinct, rather than a reflection of themselves. She also recognizes that in the hurried pace of life, keeping it all balanced can be a challenge in itself.

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Kim Cameron, Founder of Sea Stars Healthy Family Services

“I don’t know where we’d be right now, if we hadn’t come to you when we did.” Tanya, mother of one. “I’d probably still be up at night wondering if we were doing the right thing.” 

Often referred to as the Toddler Whisper, Kim helps you step back and value your child’s behaviour and see them as a whole person. She then examine your own responses and actions, and creates the best path to take going forward.

“Your little hints and suggestions always take us on a more calm and accepting approach, which makes everyone come out better and happier in the end.” Sandra, mother of two

As a mother/wife and business woman, Kim understands the challenges facing parents today, and loves leading them on the path to Balance, Joy and Appreciation for their family and creating a more peaceful home environment.

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Kim and her husband, Rob, thrive on Vancouver Island,  with their own two children, ages 12 and 14, a crazy black and white cat and a goofy golden doodle. When their plan for 4 children, didn’t materialize, they turned to sharing their home with international teenagers during the school year.  In her free time, Kim enjoys exploring Vancouver Island with her family, Wild Women Trail running and cheering on her children at Swim meets, Track meets and skating competitions.