Being Present

Being Present

Gratitude for Simple Sounds

A million sounds fill your days. And as a parent, many of them can grate on your nerves, make you want to scream. But those are also the ones you will miss the most.  Take time to be present and appreciate those sounds, the ones that one day you will find yourself missing.  I have been focusing on sounds in my daily gratitudes in the last few weeks.


  1. The sound of fresh coffee being poured.
  2. High spirited bickering between 4 teenagers as they clean up the kitchen together after Sunday supper.
  3. Cat purrs when you climb into bed.
  4. Two ravens talking to each other.
  5. The whiny panic in a thirteen year old’s voice when she cannot find something she purchased with her own money in her messy bedroom.

And one that I am not grateful for!

  1. The dog barking at 1:30 in the morning, because she wants to go out to pee.


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